The Link and Associates, LLC is a professional consulting business dedicated to providing support in strengthening and linking people and systems. Staff associated with the business have over 34 years’ experience working with federal, state, local and private agencies.

The LINK’S goal is to help entities improve service delivery systems, enhance customer service and importantly, to improve outcomes for their valued customers, both internal and external. The LINK recognizes the importance of an empowered, trained and qualified team that works cooperatively and strategically to achieve stated organizational goals and benchmarks.

The Link seeks to build upon the strengths of the team using a modeling approach to learning, where one manager, team and/or coach models the desired behavior, action and leadership which is valued and desired by others. This creates a culture of mutual respect, support and validation across and at various levels of the organization.

The Link CEO and Associates have considerable administrative and direct service experience working with public and private sector entities, specifically, in the Georgia workforce development, education, human and social service sectors.  Prior experience as the Assistant Commissioner for Workforce Development responsible for supporting, monitoring and assisting Georgia’s twenty local workforce areas as well as the coordination and collaboration with federal, state and local entities, provides a solid foundation of knowledge, skills and experience that will be used during this consultation opportunity.

Prior work with similar agencies serves as reference points for the quality and effectiveness of the LINK’S proven ability and success in providing quality, results-based and customized consultation services to clients, namely:  Chattahoochee Workforce Development in Columbus, GA; WorkSource Dekalb in Dekalb County, GA; and Dekalb County Government, to name a few.

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