Consultation Approach

The LINK specializes in a client focused approach to consultation, where the needs of the client is paramount and respected, so the client can receive what is desired and needed, rather than a cookie cutter approach to consultation, technical assistance, and support. A working agreement is the focal point of our engagement, to mutually define the agreed upon expectations and outcomes during any established period of work.

We value and respect the input of all team members. We believe that good employees are strengthened with support, coaching and mentoring. Therefore, we employ an asset driven strategy approach where we look for, identify and highlight strengths, rather than a deficit driven strategy where one focuses on problems, negatives and difficulties. Importantly, we believe the key to any leadership challenge and/or opportunity is to listen, respect, support and to build upon existing skills and strengths to affect any change that is desired and needed.

The asset driven strategy respects and engages individuals in a trusting and supporting environment. Staff drive the terms of the interaction, with respect to their time and in consideration of other demands. Staff are asked to make a commitment to the process, assist in the development of the working agreement, agree to share information and jointly own the outcome of our consultative agreement


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